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About DeSano Place Assisted Living Homes

At DeSano Place Assisted Living, we understand that care needs vary and that no two situations are the same. Our caregivers are at-hand seven days a week, 24 hours a day including weekends and holidays. When it is time to consider health and memory care only the best is required for your family.

Providing you with the best care givers 


Terri Pendleton, MS, RN, and President of DeSano Place Assisted Living Homes, is a certified trainer in Dementia Capable Care™ from the Crisis Prevention Institute, and she is shown here presenting content to staff at her Jerome, Idaho facility. This content and real-life examples of situations that Terri shares about current and past residents have been shown to drastically reduce severe behavioral outbursts from residents with dementia, and improve her staff's abilities to successfully understand and care for their residents with dementia. Staff learn that ALL behavior is communication, and it is up to staff to discover what the resident is trying to communicate, and respond appropriately.

In 2023, our dementia care training is transitioning over to using the Positive Approach to Care Program and will be taught by one of our new nurse administrators . 

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