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Job Openings / Application

Job Description: PERSONAL CARE AIDE Overall Role: The role of the personal care aide on any shift is to provide assistance to residents in activities of daily living (ADL’s) and conduct activities that provide each resident a safe, sanitary and comfortable living environment in a home-like setting. This is a full or part-time, hourly paid position. Shifts may be as short as 2 hours, or as long as 12 hours, depending on needs of the organization. Staff is never guaranteed a specific shift or shift rotation. Staff performance is evaluated on a daily basis, and no guarantee of permanent employment is implied. Major Duties and Expectations of the Personal Care Aide include: Assisting in preparation, serving and cleanup of meals and snacks to residents and guests. Assisting residents with proper self-administration and documentation of prescribed medications, after staff completes appropriate State of Idaho approved assistance with medication classes. Assisting residents, as indicated in negotiated service agreements, with activities of daily living (ADL’S) including but not limited to: Showering, dressing, shaving, shampooing and drying hair, nail care, basic skin and first aid care, denture or dental hygiene, toileting, and other hygiene care. Assisting residents with safely transferring from various positions, and in and out of devices such as toilet, chair, wheel chair, bed, auto, etc. Assisting residents with prescribed simple exercises, walking, and social activities such as games, crafts, reading, or as assigned. Assisting with using devices such as telephones, TV’s, hearing aids, and other personal use appliances as needed. Providing basic first aid, CPR, blood pressure checks, vital signs, weight measurements, assistance with blood glucose monitoring and resident self-injections (after training is provided by a nurse), and tasks are successfully demonstrated and training is documented. Assisting with resident room, bathroom and general facility housekeeping duties as assigned. Assisting with laundry and delegated kitchen and meal preparation activities as assigned; assistance as assigned with basic property management, for example, changing light bulbs, light snow shoveling from entrance ways. Listening and responding to resident requests and emergencies in a timely manner. Providing a listening, caring, respectful atmosphere at all times while caring for residents and in communication with staff, residents, supervisors and the public. Providing re-direction, cueing, prompting, and sensitive management of resident behaviors as needed. Managing emergency situations and drills according to policies and procedures, and when scheduled, as appropriate. Completing documentation according to the policies of the facility and documenting appropriately any resident care and concerns. Answering the phone and greeting the public in a cheerful and positive manner, identifying facility and self, and promptly relaying any messages to resident, staff, or supervisors. Understanding and performing all required tasks as outlined in current resident negotiated service agreements and care plans, in supervisor-assigned tasks, and as outlined in current policies and procedures of the facility. Honoring the confidentiality of residents and respecting all resident rights, especially the rights to choose, be independent and be treated with dignity at all times. Reporting any safety issues immediately to the supervisor. Demonstrating appropriate dress, language and behaviors in the workplace. Alerting supervisor or administrator immediately about any complaint, change in resident condition, medication change, or threat to staff or resident, and reports immediately, any abuse toward any resident, in writing, to appropriate authorities as trained. Completing any other tasks as assigned by the supervisor or administrator. Minimum Requirements for Personal Care Aide: Must be at least 18 years old, and submit to a criminal and background check and pre-employment drug testing. Reads comprehensively and writes legibly the English language. Applicants must have at least one year’s experience as a personal care aide and possess a current Idaho C.N.A. license in good standing, or be willing to train at the facility as a nurse aide at minimum wage for 3 months. Possesses or obtains CPR and first aid certification upon employment and annually; preferably holds Assistance with Medication Certificate at the time of hire. Possesses ability to bend, lift, stand, hear, sit, stand and walk intermittently, and lift 50 pounds; and pass minimum physical requirements as assessed by a company-sponsored physical therapist, at company expense. Is able to take direction graciously and follow appropriate use of chain of command; is able to tolerate interruptions and to prioritize activities. Has the ability to manage unpleasant situations with a positive and confident attitude, such as dealing with illness and potentially infectious waste, bodily fluid cleanup, and emotional upsets of residents or family members. Is willing to be a team member, respect resident and corporate confidentiality, assure quality care to residents, work safely, and be economical with supplies and equipment, and not use company equipment for personal use unless authorized by owner. Is willing to complete required continuing education and attend staff meetings as scheduled, is willing to work on any shift as needed, and to report to work and leave work on time. Endeavors to protect DeSano Place facility and resident property, furnishings or possessions. Disclaimer: In our facilities, we often care for persons with dementia-based illnesses. Residents may become verbally abusive, and physically combative, and can have a strong grip and latch onto staff’s arms, hands etc. This is a real possibility with residents who have traumatic brain injuries, Alzheimer’s disease or other memory impairing diseases. Staff is trained in how to avoid or release themselves from such grasps, and in methods of approach and extraction; however, there is always a possibility that a resident will strike a staff member. Do NOT consent to working at our facilities if you have serious concerns about such behavior. It is part of the job. When you sign this form, you are indicating you have been made aware of this possibility, and consent to employment, regardless. I have read the above job description and understand the requirements of the position. I have had the opportunity to ask questions and clarify expectations of the position. I know of no reason that I would not be able to perform the requirements of this position as offered, and I agree to abide by these requirements. I know that this job is offered “at will” and that I am not signing a contract. My employer could terminate this position at any time.

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